Mission Possible: How Content Syndication Has Got Your Back.

Join us for a debriefing with a pair of top-quality sales and marketing agents.

The Mission: Content Syndication can often be maligned because so many companies implement it within their campaigns. But the fact is, content syndication can be critical to growing a database of qualified, in-market contacts. DemandScience gathers two professional agents, from sales and marketing, on a special mission to demystify the value of content syndication and reveal tradecraft secrets such as: 

In addition, our agents share how you can build campaigns around the content with the greatest engagement levels and likelihood for conversion. And, in the end, you’ll be able to gather quality data and speak more intelligently to interested buyers. 

Join us for the mission debriefing and get a clearer understanding of how content syndication can work for sales and marketing organizations. 

Thursday, May 19th – 12 EST/11 CST

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